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E-Commerce: The Trade That Has Made A Difference To Sales!


In the recent years, e-commerce has made an enormous difference to the modern marketplace. From the traditional brick and mortar store to online establishments has been a considerable shift. More people are moving into this form of business as it is one of the most convenient options for customers. There has been a lot of analysis about the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce. www.ons.gov.uk/surveys/informationforbusinesses/businesssurveys/ecommercesurvey
is one of the leading surveys about E-Commerce which is very advantages for people who are new to this field. You can also refer to this site for more information about the same. Here are some of the leading pros and cons of e-commerce.

If you browse through many of the online sites, you will come across a lot of advantages that mention for e-commerce. The internet which is seen as the most critical space for the modern society is covering everything from politics to higher education and also the way in which businesses are run. Along similar lines, selling online is also one of the most trending ideas. Sure the main advantages of an E-Commerce site.

· Since the idea of setting up a brick and mortar store is not essential, E-Commerce sites are able to sell products at a very competent price which may not be possible by any physical store.h
· A website is available round the clock, and it beats the need for fixed working hours which is necessary for a physical store. You also end up using lesser number of people like in a physical store where you will need multiple people to perform the day-to-day operations. Sometimes, where there is a demand, you may have to make people work for extended hours and also end up paying more to them. All these are not required when you have an e-commerce website for your business.
· An E-Commerce site can be accessed by people all over the world. Due to this, your business can expand beyond any physical boundaries and reach as many customers as possible. In the case of a physical Store, when you plan to grow, you will have to invest a lot of money and time in order to establish a business in that particular country. Also, you should be able to adhere to the norms and business standards that are set up in that country. Your website can do much better than this.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you can also have a good turnover as you will be cutting down most of the overhead costs as compared to a physical store.

Though E-Commerce seems like a boon sent from heaven, there are still a lot of disadvantages in it. Here they are:
· The focus and the attention span of a customer are very less when compared to that of a physical store. Within a matter of seconds a customer can make up their mind and leave your website and get into that of a competitor; you may not have any control over it. In a physical Store, you get to meet your customer face to face, and there is a possibility of convincing them and make a sale.
· The number of security and credit card frauds that are happening in online shopping, consumers are a little skeptical about entering their financial details on any website. If there is a credit card fraud that was done on your website, then you are most likely to lose even the other existing customers.
Some customers still feel comfortable with the touch and feel before they buy a product into an online store you are likely to lose such customers.

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