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How to Purchase the Best Juicer

Ok, so you are interested in juicing for a healthier body but how do you pick the right juicer? I have hopefully solved your problem in this article. There are two different types of juicer reviews: Centrifugal and Masticating.

Purchasing a Centrifugal juicer (a juicer that spins rapidly separating the juice from the pulp) tend to be the most affordable juicers on the market. These juicers are faster and more efficient in producing juice. However, with the centrifugal juicer, the juicer spins so fast that it adds quite a bit of oxygen to your juice which will cause it to oxidize faster. What does this mean? Oxidation in your juice means you have to drink it immediately or it will spoil very quickly losing the natural nutrients and minerals of your fruits and vegetables you just juiced.

With masticating juicers they all tend to be made a little differently; either horizontal or vertical. They work by crushing your fresh fruits and vegetables then pushing the juice through a screen leaving the pulps behind. These masticating juicers can also tend to be on the pricier side.

The juice quality is excellent as the masticating juicer is a slower way to produce your juice and there is not a lot of oxygen added to your fresh juice so it doesn’t oxidize as fast as a centrifugal juicer. However, no matter which juicer you choose, never store your juice in the refrigerator, make just enough to drink at the moment you want it. Fresh fruits and vegetables in liquid form tend to breed bacteria quickly.

Choose a juicer that has a large chute so you can run whole fruits and vegetables through it instead of having to cut your vegetables into small pieces. However, due to the strings on celery you will need to cut the celery into small pieces as the strings will wrap themselves around the blade of your juicer which causes you to have to clean the blade to unwrap the strings as well as the strings also tend to block the chute. Chopping your celery and herb stems to inch pieces will help prevent having to tear your juicer apart and putting it back together again each time you use celery as a juicing medium.

So, basically when it comes down to picking out the right juicer for you is time and money. If you are willing to spend a little extra for a juicer that provide you more juice and less pulp then a masticating juicer would be the right choice for you. Especially, if you are in the hurry in the morning and you don’t want to tend with continually pulling your juicer apart to get the pulp free of the chute. With the masticating juicer you can drink your juice later, but it needs to be drunk the same day you process it.

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