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Unblock The Snags In Your SEO Techniques


Is your SEO not yielding results despite the best keyword strategies, rich content, proper navigation and keeping your main terms in order? It is time to look out for answers. Check if your developers have cleared the backlogs. Only if they have cleared the backlogs can they move on to fix the next issue. Sometimes the poor results may be simply because you do not have the funds to generate a link building campaign. Do not panic, this is not the end of the road. There is help round the corner. Just follow the tips given below and you are good to go. tylerperez.com/ is a leading SEO company offering best strategies to boost your websites’ performance.

Internal link building
Digital Marketing cannot do without building internal links. Sites like https://www.beanstalkim.com declares it to be the best way to increase the rankings. External links was earlier considered to be the foundation of SEO. Internal links is also a way of showcasing that your web page reigns supreme. Only if you are confident to link your pages will Google follow suit. For this you have to identify the pages with external links and build linked promoting underperforming pages. This can be done in many ways. The home page is the strongest page and a link from this page can improve the ranking.

Content rules
When the content is extensive, it gives you an opportunity to create long keywords. Rich content can tell Google that you are authoritative than your rivals. Ensure there are 300 words and more content on each page. Check the content of the competitors before setting up your priority page. When analyzing your competitors, find out what stands out in their site, is the content unique, are they performing better than you, are there images and videos, are the descriptions customized and if the information is valuable.

Optimizing meta tags and titles
This is an effective tactic, it can boost your CTR by around 20% within a few minutes and all this with a few changes. With the hummingbird algorithm there is no need to include variety of keyword in meta description. This can be used to stimulate clicks. There are many ways to make changes to enhance the click through rate.

Focus on underperforming pages
Focusing on one term forever does not lead you anywhere because everyone does that. The term may be already competitive even before you thought of it. It cannot build authority. If you want to target big search terms you need greater authority and better strategy and opt for terms that are less competitive.

Link building is quick
Link building can be done pretty fast. There is no need for lengthy campaigns, there is no need to build content. It can be achieved in three ways. Set Google Alerts for the brand terms. Ask the webmaster for link for every mention. Be tricky and set up alerts for competitors and steal their mentions.

Managing 404
When you remove a page from your website, you are removing the backlinks as well. This way you are removing the source. To identify 404 error pages start with Screaming Frog crawl. This can identify the error. Go to Google Analytics and filter the 404 pages where the users have reported landed. Now go to Console Crawl Errors and take out all the 404 pages.

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