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What You Should Know About The iPhone 6 Touch Disease?


If you are using an Apple iPhone, then you would be aware of iPhone Touch Disease. If you are not aware of this disease, then there is nothing wrong in reading this article more. This is a disease, where the top of the iPhone screen become unresponsive. The phone affected by this disease will show gray color line. To rectify this problem, it is necessary to find a good mobile phone repair service.   The iPhone 6 “Touch Disease” – Rapifix can be a great solution for anyone, who is looking for a reliable repair. According to forbes.com, different versions of iPhone face different kinds of problems.

Of late, many iPhone 6 users have reported this problem. According to a third party company, this problem is not because of the faulty touch screen, but due to the Touch IC chips. Though Apple has acknowledged this problem, the company says that is not due to manufacturing/design defect but due to repeated dropping of the phone. The company also said that it will not cover the cost for repairing this problem, however, has launched a special program for the customers facing this problem.

The company said the users have to pay $149 to fix this repair. This announcement has made many iPhone 6 users very upset, even leading to file class action lawsuits against the company. People, who have already paid to fix this issue, can get reimbursement money, which amounts to the difference between the actual repair cost and the new program price ($149). If you are one of the affected users and want to avail this program, then you have three options. First option an authorized Apple service provider, the second option is visiting an Apple retail store, and the third option is to contact the Apple technical support. Apple said that before accepting the phone for repair, it will examine the phone to see whether it is eligible for the new repair program.

Though modern electronic devices are very sophisticated, they are more fragile to impact and force. It is really painful to have your expensive phone facing problems because of predictable and unpredictable reasons. If your mobile is within the warranty period, then you can visit the authorized service center to have it fixed at free of cost or less price. If the mobile is not under warranty, then you may rely on a reliable third-party mobile service center. Remember that authorized service center can charge an exorbitant price for fixing a mobile that is out of warranty.

A dependable third-party service center can fix your mobile repairs on time by charging less money. You can get the list of good mobile repair centers in your locality or area by browsing the online/offline business directories. You may also get firsthand opinions and referrals from your friend in this regard. Make sure that you visit a repair facility that has the capability to repair your brand or model of mobile phone. If a service can also offer a guarantee for his work, then it is an added advantage. Many reputable mobile service centers offer the guarantee to their jobs.

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